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10 Tips To Prevent Any Toilet Bowl Problems

Toilet trouble happens to even the most well kept homes. One minute the toilet is working fine and the next minute it is backed up. There are some tips on how to prevent toilet issues from plumber Singapore.
.1 Double Flush
Some people feel the need to flush the toilet twice in a row. This will not help flush a clog down and will only put stain on the plumbing.
.2 Using Too Much Toilet Paper
When a person using too much toilet paper they are increasing the chance of the toilet being clogged. Human waste does not usually clog the toilet but rather the amount of toilet paper that has been used. Try flushing half of the paper down and then waiting a minute and flushing the other half down to prevent a clog from forming.
.3 Flushing
Do not flush thing down the toilet that do not belong there. The only thing that should be flushed is waste and toilet paper. Everything else including cotton swabs and dental floss belong in the trash.
.4 Clear the Tank
The toilet tank is often used to hold items in the bathroom including toilet paper and hair products. The more things that are on the tank the more likely the toilet is to get clogged. These items can be knocked in and go into the drain without even being noticed. Keep the tank clear to prevent this from happening.
5. Children Playing
Children are often curious and want to see what they can flush down the toilet. Be sure to prevent this from happening. Teach children that the bathroom is a place to do their business not to play. This will help prevent clogs and injuries.
.6 Fix Slow Drains
Once the toilet begins to drain slowly address this issue right away. Use a plunger to clear the drain to remove any clogs that may have formed.
.7 Wrong Cleaners
Not all drain cleaners are designed for use with toilets. If the label states that a product should not be used on the toilet do not use it anyway. This can do more harm than good. Chemical drain cleaners can end up damaging the pipes and other fixtures causing leaks or clogs.
.8 Use a Mild Cleaner
Porcelain cleaners should be mild as to not damage this material. Vinegar and baking soda are great natural cleaners for porcelain. They will leave the toilet smelling fresh and it will allow a person the chance to see if there is a leak.
.9 Inspect it Often
The toilet should be inspected every six months. A person should check the plumbing around it to make sure there are no leaks. A person should also take the lid off the tank and make sure that everything inside is in proper working order as well.
.10 Check the Paper
Not all toilet papers are equal. If a person is using the ultra soft kind it will be harder for the sewage system to break down. Very soft toilet paper also has a great chance for getting stuck in the pipes. In some cases a person may just have to suffer through regular toilet paper.
These are some tips from a professional plumber to help prevent toilet trouble. If a person does have an issue they need to contact a professional plumber right away to prevent leaks or other serious issues with the toilet.