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Should You Get A Fire Extinguisher

Considering the safety measures that a complete home should have, it is a necessity to have fire extinguishers in your home. Though that is the case, living in a home that is installed with safety equipment is very important, in that they can be life savers and avoid an enormous property damage. Actually, safety equipment will warn you of an issue such as fire and with that warning, you will be ready to combat it in time or ask for help. For Types of fire extinguisher, click here.

Most insurance companies and state laws require one to have these safety equipment installed so that it may be easy when dealing with a fire outbreak or when trying to determine the cause of it. Some of these equipment are smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher.

Key places where you should install a Singapore fire extinguisher
Though you see fire extinguishers to be small equipment, they have the capacity of saving lots of lives and property through putting fire off till help arrives. But before you buy one, make sure that you have smoke detectors and a plan for evacuation

The kitchen
Generally, 65% of all fires that burn houses are triggered at the kitchen. Being the room with high probability of catching fire, a fire extinguisher should be a necessity. In many cases, fires that start from the kitchen are of grease, which means that water cannot put it off. Considering this, the suitable fire extinguisher to install her is Class K, as it is the one that extinguishes grease, oil and fats. Note that you need to install it approximately 30 feet from the source of heat like the stove, and in a place where you can have easy and a fast access to it.

At each door.
If your home has more than one floor, there should be at least one extinguisher on each one of them. The appropriate place to put it is at the wall but should be centrally placed like 5 feet from the floor. Never should you keep it behind curtains or in a closet as they need to be visible to anyone for easy access when needed. Another tip is to build a fire extinguisher cabinet that can be notice by everyone.

Workshop or garage
If your home has a garage or workshop, it means that flammable materials lie oils, solvents, chemicals, paint and gasoline can be found. For this reason, a fire extinguisher here is a must. According to the type of flammable materials found here, it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher Class B and C.

Laundry room
Possibilities of fire starting in a drier are also high, due to the flammable lint that gathers at the dryer when high temperatures are reached while functioning. To prevent such a calamity, always clean the lint after using the dryer, and remember to clean the exhaust tube too after approximately 6 months. A fire extinguisher is a must too here.

Near grilling place or at the patio
Barbeques are usually done outdoors, and most preferably at the patios. If your home has a grill, make it a point of having a fire extinguisher near it. This is because grill use propane fuel which is considered very explosive. Do not let these favorite spots be the cause of property destruction and loss of lives.